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DSW Industry Co.,ltd

Our Company informaton: VAT No.: 330203756291143 BUSINESS REGISTRATION NO.: 3302002009605 REGISTERED ADDRESS: Room 1621 , No. 31 Yaohang Street , Haishu Zone , Ningbo
LEGAL: David Jon
Dear Manager & Director,
CE approved fire extinguishers and good quality to you!!!!!
How are you !
DSW Industry Co.,ltd who stand with ISO9001 to you. We are a leading manufacturer of Safty and security systems and accessories since 1998. security electronics and Fire-protection euipments is our key core of DSW.
DSW has done some business with many customers in South america ,Asia, Europe, Middle East.etc.. so on . 80% of our product has been exported to different countries and regions.
DSW keep quality first, every fire extinguisher pass fifteen steps test from capacity , effecient rang, working temprature, fire rating, working pressure (pma) the good rate is more than 98%.

Here is our part of Fire protection and security products for promotion:
Our Fire system products:

Dry powder fire extinguisher BC 30% Portable Fire Extinguisher ; 4kg: USD 4.90 /pc 8kg: USD8/pc

BC 30% Wheeled Fire extinguisher :35kg USD51.50/pc

more specification about extinshuisher:

portable Co2 EXtinguisher with normal valve; Main models: 3kg: USD12.80/each ; 5kg:USD20/each

Specification:pls concern:

More information about extinguisher: pls visit:

Dry powder:

BC 40%: USD0.296/g


Normal SPRINKLER BRASS or brass with chorme-pated (Germany) Red bulb: USD0.82/each (Germany Yellow bulb): USD0.95/each

Chorme-plated Side Sprinkler. red tube USd USd0.84/each USD0.07/PC USD0.88/pc

Automatic sprinkler ZSFZ Deluge alarm valves

Unit price: USD290/each

ZSFM wet alarm vales

S05A-15 USd1.03/each min 1000pcs S02A-D
S02A-S S05C-15 USD1.52/each Min 1000pcs


RE:Brass Piton

American type Brass Piton 1.5'' USD7.3/each more specification ; pls visit:

RE: Coupling :
American type coupling 1.5'' USD5.9/each Fro little quantity
Re:Hot coupling ,visit

Re: fire hydrant.
Brass American type SIAMESAS :Hydrant type 1.5'' for little quantity USD40/each More hydrant products:
American type SIAMESAS :Brass Hydrant type 1.5'' USD10.8/each

fire hose D50 8bar PVC 19.5meter,without carton: USD9.87
fire hose D50 10bar PVC 19.50meter, without carton:USD10.335

More specification , pls visit:
RE: water Flow indicators:

DSW020 2'' USD19/each ... DSW025 2.5'' USd20/each DSW030 3'' USd 23/each DSW040 4'' USD25/each

RE Fire cabinet
Fire box Only box: USD35/each

More Fire cabinet:

Re: other Fire components
Pin hose rack USD6.25/each USD0.85/each hanger USD1.2/each


EPA-140USD7.05/each EPA-183 :USD6.8/each Call point F-87-II: USD2.06
F-180: USD10.8/each EFA-180 USD6.77/each

More fire alarm:


RE:Smoke alarm&detector RE:Smoke alarm&detector RE:Smoke alarm&detector

Model no.:DSW94B Photoelectric Detection network (DC12V operated with relay N/O) $4.85usd/each for order min.500pcs Specification:

DSW928N. Photoelectric Detection network USd4.84/each for min quatity:500pcs
DSW928N Speicfication:

Model no.:DSW104 Photoelectric Detection(DC9v independent use. ) $3.7 usd/each for order min.500pcs
Looking for detailes specification,please feel free to link:

More smole alarm models: pls visit:

RE Emergency lamp for fire protection.
USD 9.6/each min order:100pcs

More specification pls visit:

We aslo accept kinds of OEM Electronic machining ORDER:
Our contacting information:

Cathy Wang
DSW International Co.,ltd
Add:Room1621 Linqiao Piazza, Ningbo City,315010, China
Phone: +86(574) 27861869
FAX: +86(574) 27861830

Ningbo DSW Industry Factory
Address: LuoTuo Industry Zone, Ningbo315000, China
Tel : +86(574) 88059928
Fax: +86(574) 88059716
More Fore protection products information , please visiting

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