martes, 24 de diciembre de 2013

Edificio 7 del WTC La evidencia (Demolición controlada) es dificil de encontra...Simplemente tienen que buscar

Tell the NY TImes: The Evidence Isn't Hard to Find... If You Just Look

Yesterday New York Times Chief Washington Correspondent David Sanger was the guest on CSPAN’s Washington Journal, where he had this to say about Building 7’s collapse:

“We have not found any evidence so far – that doesn’t mean there’s none there – but we’ve not found any evidence so far to suggest that the building collapses were caused by anything other than the two airplanes that flew into them.”

Sanger was responding to a question from a caller who wanted to know why, despite the massive billboard standing right outside the New York Times Building, the paper of record had failed to “fairly and objectively cover this crucial issue.”

Now with a senior representative of the New York Times on the record saying, “We’ve not found any evidence so far,” it is time to let Sanger and the editors know that the evidence is there. All they need to do is look and they’ll easily find it. Contact the NY Times Today!

Contact the NY Times Today

Last week over 1,000 people contacted the BBC in response to our action alert regarding the BBC’s one-sided article on the ReThink911 campaign. Let’s surpass that level of support today. Please take 2 minutes right now to contact David Sanger and the NY Times editors. Just copy-paste the letter below, or write your own. Please be sure to Bcc us at AE911Truth so that we can keep a count of how many emails are sent.

Dear Mr. Sanger and Editors of the New York Times,
On Sunday, December 23, 2013, you, Mr. Sanger, told a caller on CSPAN’s Washington Journal that the New York Times had not found any evidence so far to suggest that the collapse of WTC Building 7 was caused by anything other than an indirect result of the airplanes flying into the Twin Towers. I am writing to tell you that the evidence is indeed there, and I urge you to look into it. 2,100 architects and engineers have signed a petition at calling for a new investigation based on this evidence. The following points are just a few from among the growing body of evidence that overwhelmingly supports the conclusion that Building 7 came down by controlled demolition.
  • Building 7 accelerated downward at absolute free-fall for the first few seconds of its 7-second symmetrical collapse.
  • However, a building cannot undergo free-fall if it is meeting any resistance from any of the columns below it, as any resistance would slow the building’s descent.
  • Therefore, the lower section of the building could not have been “crushed” by the upper freely falling section.
  • The destruction of at least 8 stories of the lower section of the building had to have been accomplished by other means, i.e. explosives or incendiaries, to allow the upper section of the building to fall through it in free-fall. Learn more about the free-fall of Building 7.
  • There is clear evidence of melted steel at Building 7, first reported on by the NY Times, and incendiaries in numerous dust samples from Ground Zero.
As you well understand, the implications of the controlled demolition of Building 7 are extraordinary, since it is integral to the 9/11 events, and therefore the question of what happened to Building 7 is of the greatest importance. I thank you in advance for taking the time to seriously examine this crucial issue.
[Name, address]

Thank you as always for your tremendous support.!

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miércoles, 18 de diciembre de 2013

Luego de la misa....Alegrias, lagrimas de la misma alegrias...

Luego de la misa que fueron momentos de mucha fe, del rencuentro con el creador y con los viejos amigos nos trasladamos hacia un Club donde comenzó la celebración, sanamente, entre copas y más copas, alegría, y lagrimas producto de esas mismas alegrías.

Extrañando a los que ya no están en esta dimensión porque pasaron a descansar, a disfrutar de la vida eterna, cosa que, lamentablemente entre nosotros NO aceptamos y menos cuando es repentina, apresurada y sin despedidas.

Extrañamos también a los que no pudieron asistir por estar en otras tierras, por el trabajo o porque, a pesar de los esfuerzos no se localizaron como es el Caso de Tirso Rafael González, Omairo Riego- Mayo, José Zamudio, Pedro Lino, y tantos otros compañeros que no se sabe nada de su vida, o de su fallecimiento.

Para no hablar tanto y compartir todos esos momentos, aquí están las fotos que pueden conseguir en El Rincón de La Abuela o al 0416-0715318. en el orden en que están publicadas.